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Heart Shaped Latex Balloons

Brand: Fun Express

Model: Deluxe


Before anything else, there’s one thing we’d like our customer to know… We absolutely adore our work! Our motto is ‘We don’t just sell balloons, we deliver happiness!’. Every member of our balloon-selling team is a child deep down inside who just can’t have enough of colorful balloons. And we’d love you to feel the same way! That’s why we keep the best customer service possible, keep the high quality of the items and keep the best prices. So, what can you find here?

Let’s start by age. And the age starts before someone is born… here’s why we’ve gathered a huge collection of baby shower balloons of different sizes, colors, and, what is more - shape. You’ll find balloons shaped like animals, symbols and even babies themselves. The next age category is grown-up enough to celebrate their birthday, and this is when you get absolutely (and happily) lost in diversity of the products. Check out everything we’ve cherry-picked for you from the best balloon manufacturers! Your children will be on cloud nine when they see these. For those who are a bit older and already have favorite movie characters, there are special balloons (we bet you’ll love them and want them themselves).

Cookies, numbers, stars, snowflakes - that’s a tiny part of all shapes of balloons. Besides, there are different sizes of balloons available: 11, 17, 36, 60 and 72 inch balloons. We did our best to make this online store to be the best source of giant water balloons, and latex balloons. Not only we sell balloons, but also provide you with decor and gift ideas. You may create a balloon miracle yourself: we’ve prepared easy video tutorials for those who want to make something balloony with their hands. Quick tip: it’s one of the best and memorable activities for your kids - they will love the process of making something with their own hands! If you would rather like to have a ready-made product, we offer decorator service. We arrange a personal/online meeting with you, discuss the details, consider your preferences and start off to work.<\p>

Before anything else, there’s one thing we’d like our customer to know… We absolutely adore our work..